American Kennel Club training

American Kennel Club Training Pads, 150pk -

Basic obedience training will help your precious puppy or adorable adult dog to live in harmony with your household.

  • Need help housetraining your Hound?
  • Did your Puli pull you down the street?
  • Is your Terrier terrorizing you?
  • Is your Weimaraner awake all night?
  • Is your Foxhound feasting on furniture?

AKC Clubs that offer training classes - Find a club that offers training classes in your area. There are many classes to choose from. Clubs may offer puppy classes, obedience classes, agility, conformation handling, Canine Good Citizen(r) and more! Contact the person listed for detailed information.

Canine Good Citizen Program - Find out about the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Program. This program encourages responsible pet ownership and rewards dogs with good manners. Find an evaluator in your area.

  • The name of the contact person who is able to accept calls and emails from the public regarding classes and schedules that your club offers.
  • A list of classes that your club offers
  • The address of the training location
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