Dog Labrador training

lab-puppy.jpgYou are now the proud owner of a Labrador puppy, and likely have many questions about what to do next. And the best way for me to help you start training your Labrador puppy to be obedient, is by showing you how in a my free puppy training video series. In this free series you’ll learn how to train your Labrador in a way that actually get’s him to LISTEN to you… that’s why I actually call this free training series, ‘Learning to Listen’. Because getting your puppy to pay attention to you, and actually LISTEN and COMPREHEND the commands and rules in your home is key to getting your Lab to be obedient fast. Labradors are smart, and if you train them to ‘Listen’ first, using this clever method that I’ll teach you for free, you’ll save yourself a LOT of headaches in the future. Here’s the link where you can watch the Learning To Listen Series: Learning To Listen [Video Series] Training Labrador puppies is best started around 2 months of age; the same time as he has been weaned from his mother. This life-long commitment is the beginning of a wonderful relationship between owner and dog. Our goal here is to make sure you have adequate and accurate information for you to use during your Lab puppy training.

1st Steps When Training Lab Puppies

Labradors love to play and can be quite energetic, both as puppies and adult dogs. They aim to please their owner and surrounding members of the family. They need lots of exercise to continue to be happy and healthy animals. Being intelligent beyond that of most dogs, they are one of the best breeds to have with children in the home. To keep having an obedient Labrador, it’s time to start puppy training. The initial part of Lab puppy training involves getting into the daily swing of things. Knowing where his food and water dishes are is a great place to start. Following that will be learning when he eats, when and where he sleeps, puppy potty training and what toys belong to him, and not you. Also needed is clarity in what is expected of your Labrador, and what is not acceptable. It is very important to use clear and concise commands. Before dog training starts, you have to consider the training method you intend to use. This method needs to be consistent, so making the decision is one that requires some research. Many professional animal trainers use what’s called positive reinforcement. This philosophy believes that animals are much better behaved and easier to train when they’re earning rewards and praise than if they’re being punished. Punishment and negative reinforcement training has actually been proven to cause aggression and unwanted behaviors. One common tool used in positive reinforcement training is the clicker. It’s a small hand held device which makes a clicking sound when pressed. It can be found at most pet supply stores for a couple bucks. The purpose of the clicker is to mark the correct behavior with a sound. More info on clicker training. It’s more consistent than a word or phrase from the owner and faster which means it’s easier for your dog to understand when they’ve performed the correct behavior. Follow the click with a reward, like a tasty treat, and you’re off to a great start.

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