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Fear, stress and anxiety are at the root of many problem behaviors in cats and dogs — and in some cases, human behavior is the direct cause of a pet’s actions. Many pet owners fail to understand… Full Article ›

Is your dog easily distracted? Does he spend your entire walk lunging at squirrels and barking at people? Is he unable to to pass a brightly colored umbrella or a playing child without wanting to… Full Article ›

What is it about carpet that seems to incite some dogs to want to ‘dig to China’? Do you cringe when you hear the telltale scrape of canine toenails furiously trying to scratch their way through your… Full Article ›

Most dogs are naturally good at following their noses: They can often track everything from a dead mouse in your yard to the turkey sandwich you left unattended on the kitchen counter. This ability… Full Article ›

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The Sprollie is a cross between two different breeds, the English Springer Spaniel and the Collie or Border Collie. Opening your heart and home to a crossbreed, also known as a… Full Article ›

You can train your dog to do a lot of cool things, like give you a hug or pick up his toys. But it's also worthwhile to teach him some practical tricks, like how to turn on command. "Turn" can be… Full Article ›

Your dog loves the dog park, and you love taking him there to play. But you both need to be on your best behavior while you’re there. Here are six simple ways to be a good dog park citizen and help… Full Article ›

Spending time with a pet can be a valuable experience for a child. My 7-year-old daughter, Reagan, has been around dogs her entire life. From the moment she came home from the hospital, our two Pugs, … Full Article ›

Our friendly, happy puppy hates having his fur brushed — he will run and hide when he sees the brush come out. What can we do to get him used to being groomed?Dogs tend to remember experiences that… Full Article ›

It can be hard to resist giving a dog — yours or someone else’s — a hug. If your dog enjoys being physically close to you, a hug can make you both feel happy and loved.But not all dogs like hugs. For… Full Article ›

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