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About The Good Dog

The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation, founded by internationally renowned dog trainer Sean O’Shea, is Los Angeles’ premier dog training and rehabilitation service. The Good Dog is often the last stop for dog owners who have exhausted every other option and have still not found the help or results they need. We have developed a unique and highly-effective training approach that consistently delivers results that surpass our clients’ expectations.

Whether you have a rambunctious puppy that needs direction, an out-of-control dog that you dream of actually listening to you, on- or off-leash, or a more serious case of reactivity, fear, or aggression, we’ve got the answers you need. Watch our “Meet TGD Here” video below to see some of our actual client results.

Featured Transformations

dvd_ad-prong-foundationDesmond’s owners called us because daily life had become dangerous and highly stressful with their young German Shepherd. He was incredibly aggressive on-leash towards dogs on walks, barking, spinning, rearing up, lunging, and dangerously protective of his owners and house. He would snarl, growl, and lunge whenever guests would arrive. Which meant that between Desmond’s walk behavior and house behavior, his owners were walking a tightrope of stress and high management. They couldn’t include him much of their life due to his intense aggression issues. They reached out to us in the hope we might be able to help them and Des to find a way to make him a dog that they could enjoy and include in their life, safely. Watch the whole amazing story from beginning to end here. (Des’ transformation is one that has given hope to so many owners in similar predicaments.)

featured_video1Niño came to us with some pretty serious aggression issues. He’s been attempting (and in some cases succeeding) to bite people when they get close to him either in the house or on walks. When we picked him up he attempted to go after/bite us and several other people within just a few minute’s time. We used our usual comprehensive approach of structure, rules, leadership, duration work, full e-collar program, clear rewards for good work and clear consequences for poor choices, and some counter-conditioning around triggers. This video is a good example of what’s possible when the right tools and strategies are utilized.

by Sean O’Shea

In the first training book of its kind, internationally renowned dog trainer Sean O’Shea takes a unique look at the often misunderstood dynamics of the human/dog relationship. He explores where we go wrong, why we go wrong, and most importantly, how through a clearer understanding of both species, we can make it right again.


The Good Dog Training DVD Series

Internationally-renowned dog trainer, Sean O’Shea, founder of ‘The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation’ presents Learn to Train The Good Dog Way. In this very special DVD series, Sean shares his unique approach to dog training in a clear, easy to follow, step-by-step fashion that takes the mystery and confusion out of creating a happy, healthy, and obedient dog. This group of exercises and their unique application, are the same exercises that Sean uses day in and day out to create the results that ‘The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation’ are famous for.

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