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For puppies 5 months and younger. Puppies are sponges, so come join us and teach your puppy basic obedience (sit, down, stay, come, wait) and manners (not jumping, walking nicely on leash). We will work on skills that are necessary for everyday life including impulse control. Questions regarding housebreaking, teething and anything puppy will be answered!

Basic Obedience and Manners

This class is designed for dogs over six months who have not had a basic obedience course and for dogs who would benefit by repeating. Training techniques are presented to owners who want their dogs to learn to sit, lie down, stay, come, keep all fours on the floor, and walk with a slack leash. These techniques are for owners to use in everyday life to help their pet become and remain a well mannered member of the family. We believe it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

Advanced Puppy/Basic

For dogs that have completed Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Obedience and have an understanding of basic commands. More advanced obedience, how to work around increasing distractions, and life skills are covered.

Agility - Level 1 Introduction

Level 1 is for dogs with no agility experience. The class will introduce agility equipment and basic handling. Dogs must have completed Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Obedience. Use of non-agility equipment for basic handling and body awareness will be shown so you can work on your skills at home. Prerequisite: Puppy Kindergarten/ Basic Training and Manners or permission from instructor.

Agility: Level 2

For dogs who have had Level 1. More sequencing will be offered with basic handling. Prerequisite: Agility – Level 1 or permission from instructor

Agility: Level 3

Dogs at this level should be working rather consistently off leash. Increasing emphasis on proper handling and teamwork. Prerequisite: Agility – Level 2 or permission from instructor

Agility: Level 4

Dog and handler must work fluently off leash. Increasing the difficulty of courses and becoming more proficient at teeter and weaves will be emphasized. Prerequisite: Agility – Level 3 or permission from instructor

Agility: Level 5 - Competition Level

Dogs must be fluent on all equipment including teeter and weaves. More focus on reading a course and handling skills/options will be covered. Prerequisite : Agility – Level 4 or permission from instructor

Competition Obedience – Novice level

For those who want to further their dog’s attention and obedience skills and those who want to prepare their dog for the obedience ring. Novice level, as well as foundation skills for Open and Utility will be covered. This is a fun, fast-paced class. Prerequisite: Advanced Puppy Kindergarten/Advanced Basic or permission from instructor.

Competitive Obedience – AKC Levels Open & Utility

For those who want to compete in Open and Utility. This class uses creative exercises to improve skills and attention. Each class helps the handler and their dog to progress to the highest level of competition obedience. The classes are taught to build precision in a fun enjoyable environment!

AKC Rally

AKC rally is a fun obedience sport requiring the dog and handler to navigate a series of stations, each with a skill to be performed. The team moves through the course at their own pace. This class will teach students how to correctly interpret and perform the signs for each station while working and improving obedience skills. This is a great class to work on obedience teamwork with your dog. Prerequisite: Advanced Puppy Kindergarten/Advanced Basic or permission from instructor.

Scentwork & Tracking

Canine Scentwork, also known as Nosework, is a fun new sport for dogs and handlers of all ages. Scentwork develops your dog’s natural scenting abilities to distinguish and identify various scents through fun and games and leverages every dog’s amazing sense of smell and their love of performing a task.

Tracking is another activity that uses your dog’s ability to scent. Here the dog is taught to follow a scent of a person much like the bloodhound who uses his nose to find a lost child.

Scentwork and Tracking are fun for dogs of all breeds, shapes, sizes and ages and builds confidence, burns off mental and physical energy, and reinforces the bond between dog and owner.

Scentwork - Level 1

In this Level 1 Introduction class you will learn about the various trial-giving organizations, including the new AKC program, and how to motivate your dog to find the odor of select essential oils. We’ll work with your dog’s natural desire to “hunt” as well as teach your dog to let you know when he/she has found the scent you want him/her to find! Clicker training is used to teach your dog the value of the special scents. If you’ve never used a clicker before it is fun and easy. Don’t worry…you won’t be tied to a clicker forever. You’ll learn how to use your voice as well to “mark” the behaviors you want. Even if you don’t use the clicker for other training you’ll find it very helpful with scentwork. All training is motivational so bring great treats or your dog’s favorite toys. Deepen your relationship with a retired dog, older dog, dog with physical challenges…and learn to really observe your dog doing what dogs love to do: smell things! Prerequisite: Puppy Kindergarten/ Basic Training and Manners, or permission from instructor.

Scentwork - Level 2

This class is for dogs who have completed Scentwork Level 1 or who can demonstrate, in advance, that their dog is “obedient to odor”, namely Birch. Dogs will learn to identify the five essential oil scents used in AKC, C-WAGS, UKC, and NACSW trials. We’ll work on developing a strong indication behavior and “staying at source” as well as finding scent in different locations. Prerequisite: Scentwork Level 1 and permission from instructor.

Scentwork - Level 3

In this class we will develop your dog’s scentwork skills further, expanding search environments and distractions. Prerequisite: Scentwork Level 2 and permission from instructor.

Scentwork - Level 4

This class tests a dog (and handler’s) scentwork trial abilities, fine-tunes skills, and then uses those skills to play games that incorporate some agility equipment (mostly tunnels) and occasional field trips. Once your dog is eager to “find the scent” the sky’s the limit with the fun you can have together. Prerequisite: Scentwork Level 3 and permission from instructor.

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