Dog training northern virginia

At Monument Dog Training, we believe that change is always possible. We regularly resolve aggressive behavioral issues, even with dogs who have been written off as beyond help by their previous dog trainers. Please don’t give up on your dog without speaking to us! We help “hopeless” dogs every day!

Our Northern Virginia aggressive dog training program can turn ANY aggressive dog around! Our professional dog trainer is totally confident in her ability to handle aggressive dogs, including dogs who are human aggressive or have a bite history. We work with dogs that suffer from:

  • Dog aggression
  • Human aggression
  • Child aggression
  • Territory aggression and barrier frustration
  • Maternal aggression
  • Sibling aggression
  • Food aggression or resource guarding

How do we approach training aggressive dogs?

We believe that aggression issues cannot and should not simply be “managed.” While many trainers limit their work to addressing the symptoms of aggression, such as biting or growling, we strive to address the underlying cause of the problem. This is where our trainers really excel and what helps our dog training produce lifelong results.

The majority of aggressive behaviors are the result of outside influences and triggers, such as trauma or fear. We carefully observe your dog in its home environment and work with you to understand its past experiences and relationships. Following the consultation, we’ll explain what we think is causing your dog’s aggression and provide a detailed training plan to resolve the behavior. Because we address your dog’s behavior as a whole, the training plan will include non-aggression related training issues as well.

You don’t have to surrender your dog or live with your dog’s dangerous behaviors. Call us at 800.649.7297, or fill out our contact form to talk with us about your situation. We want your dog to live happily and safely in its forever home and we’d love the opportunity to help!

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