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Cesar Millan Bulldog Owner Testifies ... Get Off the Dog Whisperer's Back!


The woman who hired Cesar Millan to break her dog's aggressive attitude toward pigs ... is ripping critics of his techniques, and the officials now investigating Millan.

Sandy owns Simon - the French bulldog/terrier mix that bit and bloodied a pig during one of Millan's training sessions on "Cesar 911." In a video testimonial, she insists Millan is a lifesaver ... because Simon's aggression was threatening her other animals.

As for the injured pig ... Sandy thinks people have blown the injury way out of proportion.

TMZ broke the story ... Animal Control officers went to Millan's training facility to investigate multiple viewers complained about animal cruelty. No decision's been made on whether Cesar will be charged.

Watch Sandy's passionate explanation of Cesar's methods and end result. He might want to put her on retainer if this case moves forward.

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