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At Kathy Santo Dog Training, our unique, interactive and fun approach to training assures you quick results and a confident, well-behaved dog your whole family will love to have around.

There are lots of ways to get started!

What Your Life Looks Like Now:

  • Your puppy is using the house as his own personal port-o-let.
  • He jumps on everyone and is confused about why you don’t like it.
  • He bites pants, feet, hands, ponytails, and anything else within his reach.
  • He appears to change his name on a daily basis and ignores you when you use the name you’d originally given him.
  • The only command he responds to is the sound of the box of dog treats being shaken.
  • People who want to visit ask “will the puppy be there?” (and not in a good way).
  • Your kids are afraid of the puppy and so are their friends. (These are the same children who begged you non-stop for 5 years about getting a puppy in the first place).
  • You wonder if everyone’s puppy only sleeps for 20 mnts in a 24-hr period of time.
  • Your spouse comes home and sees the puppy sleeping (the first nap in the last 10 hours) and says “He seems easygoing to me”.
  • You wonder why you agreed to this in the first place.
  • Or, you have a great puppy (you lucky person!) that just needs to learn some manners and a few handy commands.

If one or all of these scenarios sound familiar, don’t worry. We have solutions.

What We’re Going To Do To Fix Everything
We’ll teach your puppy:

  • Where to go to the bathroom (outside or indoors on the wee wee pads).
  • To chew on authorized toys only.
  • Ways to greet people that will be endearing, not fear-inducing
  • Social skills that include how to greet dogs in a way that will result in a fun time, instead of a fight.
  • The basic commands in a puppy friendly way – sit, down, come when called, stay, walk on a leash, stand and more.
  • How to go from grabbing lunging impulse driven to “Mother, may I?

In short, we’ll help you to have a puppy who gets invited everywhere.

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months

New puppies accepted weekly during the session

The AKC STAR Puppy test will be administered to all eligible puppies for a nominal fee.

Class focus: This 6-week puppy parenting class covers housetraining, handling exercises, bite inhibition, socialization, basic commands, grooming, appropriate toys.

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