Dog training instructions

Step-By-Step Instructions
For Obedience Training Your Dog Yourself

OUTRAGEOUS DOG ATTIRE AND HOLIDAY ITEMS Think of it - a well-trained, manageable pet in just a few weeks! You and your dog won't have to leave the house to go to obedience class or call in an expensive professional trainer, you will find easy-to-follow directions on the following pages on everything from HEEL to STAY. This method is easy enough to use that you will be able to teach your dog one new item each week. Follow these step-by-step instructions, and your dog will love you for it. And, it is all free!

Beginning training sessions should be in a safe area with no distractions. After you and your dog have finished this "course" and he has the commands down pat every time, try moving the sessions to a park so he will eventually learn to follow commands despite any distractions.

You should only concentrate on one new command per week. Once you start your dog's training, you will need to practice the new command for at least fifteen minutes every day. After adding a second command, practice both every day. And so on. It won't take long for your dog to forget these new things if you don't keep practicing. Not all dogs learn at the same pace, so don't feel discouraged if you need to practice each command for two weeks instead of one. vpn private vpn locations.

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