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  1. Work with your companion regularly. Every day at first and then several times a week to keep those lessons fresh and make the exercises second nature for both of you.
  2. Keep lessons and work session short enough that your pet (not to mention you yourself) doesn't get overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, or distracted. Usually 15-20 minutes is plenty.
  3. Don't move on to the next set of exercises until you and your pet have mastered the present ones. And always review what has been learned before.
  4. Have fun, but don't treat it as play time. Your pet needs to know the difference.Image titled Give Your Dog Basic Training Step 2 Right after each session, make time for some type of play or attention to reward you and your pet and signify the end of the "work time".
  5. Praise is your most powerful teaching technique; so use it frequently and enthusiastically! Don't hold back! Praise your dog by petting his back, rubbing his ears and head, and using a cheerful voice different from the command tone. Don't start romping with him at this point, however, or your lesson is over.
    • Praise for each thing your dog does properly (even if she didn't know she was doing it or you didn't tell her to) as soon as she does it. This reinforces a pleasant result from doing the act.
    • Use praise after correction only after the desired result is obtained. This will show your dog more clearly the difference in your response between her wrong behavior and the right one.
  6. Correction is used stop the wrong action and show the right one. It should be done firmly, but not angrily. Praise enthusiastically when he does it right, and repeat the exercise two or three more times right away to reinforce the right action.
  7. Use short phrases or words for commands that tell your dog what you want her to do.Image titled Give Your Dog Basic Training Step 3 They need to be the same every time. Don't use similar terms to mean different things; for instance, if you use the term "down" to mean 'lie down', then use an entirely different word such as "off" to mean 'get down')
    • Give commands in a firm tone of voice. At first, the command and showing her the right action should be done at the same time. Later, give the command first, and show her only if she hesitates or gets it wrong. Always follow with praise.
    • Always say your dogs name before the command to alert him and make sure he is paying attention. And you should practice each of these both inside and outside, so he knows the rules apply the same way in both places.

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  • How do I make my pet sit down?

    wikiHow Contributor

    Try clicking your fingers over their head, when they look up, they'll automatically sit down. Say sit at the same time.

  • How do I call my pet so he will come to me?

    Say your pet's name. If he comes to you, reward him with a treat. If he won't come, show him the treat and say his name again. Do this multiple times a day.

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