How to train my dachshund?

So… you have got yourself a Dachshund. Do they need some Dachshund training? Most likely the answer is yes. No matter if you have a brand new puppy or and older Dachshund, they all could use a little extra training. You know the saying old dogs can’t lean new tricks, well through that thought in to the garbage. Any dog can learn new tricks or training with a little bit of your patience. Training a Dachshund does not have to be all-serious it can be fun and rewarding as well. Dachshunds are very smart and willing and able to learn quickly. They want to please you and make you happy with them. There are many different layers to Dachshund training. You have the most obvious potty or crate training. Then you will want to start with the obedience training, consisting of sit, stay, and come. These are just a few of the commands. There is prevention training so you can break bad behavior before it gets any worse. Finally there is Fun training where you can build upon the basics and do tricks and play games to impress family and friends. I pretty much listed all the different kinds of training in order of what should happen first through the last.

Dachshund training can also take the route of prevention. Have you ever wondered how to stop bad habits that your Dachshund has acquired? Does your Dachshund jump up on people, dig, bark a lot, or run through doors as soon as they open? I know my little guy had some of these bad habits and we are working on them as we speak. You will want to work on breaking these habits in order to keep your Dachshund safe. The last thing you want is for your buddy to dig their way out of your yard or dashing out the front door into the street.

Ask yourself what is fun Dachshund training? Well fun training is where you teach your Dachshund to do trick and play games. Your Dachshund will need to know the basic obedience commands first in order to lean these tricks. Imagine that your family or friends are over and your Dachshund can wave goodbye to them. Boy would that be a conversation piece. I know all of us have had a long day at work before, how about teaching your Dachshund to fetch the T.V. Controller for you. There are several tricks and games that you can teach your dog. I have listed a few but use your imagination, expand on what I have shared.

Just remember HAVE FUN! This is a special bonding time between you and your Dachshund. Try to get the whole family involved in the training. Children have a lot of fun and sometimes a lot more patience than the adults. It can be fun to show your Dachshund training off to family and friends; they will all be wowed at what your little one can do. If you enjoy working with your dog then they will enjoy being around you and learning. It is just one big circle.

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