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Cali K9®‘s founder, owner, dog trainer and canine behavior expert Jas Leverette, was born in New York and grew up in Oakland, California. During his youth, he owned and trained dogs and horses, played youth football with the Oakland Dynamites, and participated in equestrian sports, including jumping, dressage, vaulting and trail riding. At Oakland High School, he played football and was an Oakland Athletic League wrestling champion.

He got his start training equines with natural horse training techniques that use body language to communicate. He’s trained hundreds of companion dogs, working dogs, and law enforcement K9s and dozens of professional dog trainers.

Jas is passionate about his work and has the natural ability to recognize drive, temperament, and disposition in all breeds and to communicate with animals. He has the know-how to optimize a dog’s true potential and the skill to temper and train even the most difficult dog. He currently owns a Dutch Shepherd, two Belgian Malinois, a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler.

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