Koehler dog training books

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W.R. Koehler penned six titles on the subject of dog training. They are:The Koehler Method of Dog Training, the Koehler Method of Open Dog Obedience, the Koehler Method of Utility Dog Training, the Koehler Method of Tracking Dog training, the Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training, and the Wonderful World of Disney Animals. Historically, Bill did not sell his own books, preferring to leave that detail to the businesses which sponsored our classes, as well as to local bookstores. It should not surprise anyone that we follow the same policy. However, because the books are currently out of print, and therefore less than convenient for our class sponsors to obtain inventory, I think it necessary to let you know where to buy them.Amazon.com usually has them available through their network of independent sellers, as do many other retailers who sell used books online. But another option, and generally my go-to recommendation, is eBay. Just be careful that you don't over spend.The pricing on Koehler dog training books can be all over the map, but here is what you can expect to pay: The Koehler Method of Dog Training (any edition): about 25.00 USD The Open, or Utility books will be slightly higher at about 35.00 USD The Tracking book and the Guard Dog book (which includes the full obedience text as "section II") can be bought for about $45.00 USD. Many times you will find the books much cheaper, but you should not expect to pay any more than what I have provided above. And remember, your public library can usually get you a copy to borrow.


We do offer for sale our Companion Dog Planners© which follows the same sequencing and timeline that we use in our 10-week novice course. Price is $14.95.

We also offer for sale our Open Dog Planners© which allow the user to follow the same sequencing used in our 12-week open course. Price is $14.95

Planners are now available for Utility (12 weeks), Beginner Novice* (6 weeks), and Graduate Novice (6 weeks).

*Beginner Novice is particularly good for pups 4 - 8 months old. Much older than that the Companion Dog Planners is the more...

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