K9 aggression training

Aggressive dogs are in the news a lot these days. Most of the times the problems are dog vs. dog, but the big headlines occur when it’s dog vs. human. If you own a dog with aggressive tendencies, you can’t afford to ignore it. To do so could end very badly for more than just your dog. Call K9 Basics and ask about our dog aggression training course.

Aggressive Or Just Over-Reactive

According to Brian Berg, owner of K9 Basics and a former police K9 handler, many times a problem dog is reactive rather Dog holding book in mouth than aggressive. These problems can arise due to many circumstances, including:

  • Breeding lines
  • Puppy taken from the mother too soon
  • An intact male
  • The dog has not been exposed to other dogs or people
  • Abuse
  • Lack of clear direction from handler/owner

However, these situations do not guarantee that a dog will show aggression.

If aggression is genetic – if it is inbred – then in all likelihood, it cannot be fixed. However, it can be controlled. Each dog is different and the issue is not black and white.

Separating Human behavior From Dog Behavior

To work with these dogs, the trainer must be able to separate human behavior from dog behavior. The dog must be taught clearly what it can and can’t do. Dogs often react out of fear, and proper dog aggression training can help modify this behavior.

The owners must be taught as well, so they can pattern the proper behavior. Berg believes that about half of what is being fixed is the human-dog relationship.

Not All Dog Trainers Are Equal

Not every trainer is qualified to train aggressive dogs. Brian Berg receives referrals from other New Jersey area dog trainers who are unable to help difficult dogs that are brought to them. Berg’s qualifications include his experience as a K9 handler and the many certifications he has earned along the way. He and his staff have trained more than 3, 000 dogs to date.

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