Cesar Millan dog training books

Top 5 Best Dog Training Books

There is a quiet battle being fought in dog-training circles. On one side, Cesar Millan. No doubt you’ve heard of Mr. Millan, world-renowned “Dog Whisperer, ” known for his uncanny ability to communicate with dogs. He is often seen power-walking large packs of dogs at a time. Millan has captured the national spotlight with his National Geographic television series in which he rehabilitates wayward canines — aggressive, scared, lazy, compulsive and jealous dogs.

Millan’s style and methods sure make good television drama. What are Cesar’s credentials for this line of work? Well, according to Cesar’s website, his “blessed gift - a primal communion with nature - always came naturally to him.” “For me, ” Millan says, “it's just instinctual - I understand how they think and behave, so I can relate to them and communicate with them.”

Cesar has no formal training or education in animal behavior. He draws on his observations of his grandfather in Mexico and his own life experience. He gained Hollywood attention after training guard dogs for actors Will Smith and Jada Pinket. Millan has created an empire of videos, books, blogs, webinars, talk show appearances, and his Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles. There, with a pack of 50 dogs, he works his Cesar magic.

Millan subscribes to a theory of dogs that fell out of favor with trainers long ago, a dogs-as-wolves pack theory. In his best-selling book, "Cesar's Way, " Millan writes that there are only two positions in a relationship, leader or follower. His philosophy is that we, as humans, must act as dominant pack leaders, and our dogs must behave as submissive followers. He teaches that, in order to properly fulfill both our dogs and ourselves, we each need to become our dog’s calm-assertive pack leader. "I teach owners how to practice exercise, discipline and then affection, which allows dogs to be in a calm, submissive state, " he explains. "Most owners in America only practice affection, affection, affection, which does not create a balanced dog.” "Training, " says Millan, "only teaches the dogs how to obey commands - sit, roll over - it does not have anything to do with dog psychology."

Ian Dunbar, though he didn't ask for this fight, stands in the opposite corner of the proverbial training discourse ring, armed with degrees and scientific study. Dr. Ian Dunbar is a veterinarian, animal behaviorist and writer. Dunbar received his veterinary degree and a Special Honors degree in Physiology and Biochemistry from the Royal Veterinary College (London University), a Doctorate in animal behavior from the Psychology Department at the University of California at Berkeley, and a decade of research on olfactory communication, social behavior and aggression in domestic dogs. On top of that, add decades of dog-training experience. Impressive by any standards, but Dunbar’s opponent in this training controversy is backed by the power of Hollywood and charisma.

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